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    Parent Information

    Mystery Readers: I'd love to have volunteers come into the classroom on Fridays at 12:35 to read to the kids. You would not tell your child that you were coming so that you would be a mystery to them too. You'd send me 3 clues about yourself. I'd read them to the kids and they would guess who is coming. Peek in before you enter so that I can have the kids ready and to make sure that I didn't forget to give them the clues. You would bring the books to read to the class. We go to specials at 12:50. Please let me know which Friday you would be available. If it is an early release day, we would schedule a different time.

    If your child is ever missing spelling words and did not pick them up, please let me know so that I can get you a copy.

    We will have a new segment on the news called: Where in the World is Principal Block. Mrs. Block will periodically “go” to different countries and give the kiddos clues as to where she is. Students will be encouraged to use the clues and resources to determine the country and find one additional fact about that country. Students who choose to participate may put their name, teacher, country, and one additional fact on a slip of paper and bring it to the library. We will draw names (whoever the first one from each grade level to give the correct information) and those students will get to be on the news to give their facts.

    Here is the link for Episode 2 of “Where in the World”…

    Lost & Found: Please check the lost & found for lost items, we always have a lot of unclaimed items. We have numerous prescription glasses in the office. All lost & found items will be taken to CCA in a couple of weeks.

    We are selling spirit sticks in the office for $2.00 each. Please see the attached picture of the new options.

    We are selling tshirts in the office! They are $8.00 each.

    Yearbooks are on sale now!
    Order your 2014 – 2015 Yearbook for $25 at
    Orders are online only. No money will be taken at school.
    Please contact Miss Owen at with any questions.

    We have begun leveled reading groups. I will be sending home books on your child's reading level. Please read these books on the night they are sent home so that we can read them again the next day. This time spent reading can count on the reading log for your child's daily minimum minutes. Please sign and return the permission slip about sending home books.

    Please join PTA if you haven't and please sign up to help in our class for Motor Lab.

    Spelling words will be sent home each Monday. Test will be on Friday over 12 words. Remember that you can log into Click Bwes First Grade.

    Please remember to initial your child's behavior chart daily. It's not very often that I'll send a note about misbehavior. However, it seems that it always happens that the day I do send a note, the parent doesn't see the folder.

    Blue reading paper - Please read to your child or listen to your child read 15 minutes each night and record the time, date and book read M-Th of each week. If you miss a night, please double up the next night. I will check each child's reading log on Friday. You can record this information or help your child record if you would like.

    Practice tying shoes with your child. Thanks so much. We have begun tying shoes in motor lab and several students are struggling.

    Wednesday - Library

    Monday/Wednesday 9:30-10:00- Motor Lab; please go to the PTA website to volunteer


    I have a reward system for tables in which all members are doing what they should be doing. For example, a table will receive a point if all members have a book out first or are quiet first. At the end of the week, the table with the most points will get to draw a prize from our prize box. I have small items in my box: bookmarks, silly bands, stickers, etc. If you have any new small excluding pencils (we have lots of these), new items at home that you won't use, we'd love to include them in our prize box.

    Please leave your child's blue reading log in the green folder. We pull these out on Monday to record dates. If a reading workshop book is sent home in the gallon baggie, please return it each day in case it's used for reading group.

    Motor Lab: Wednesdays. Please wear tennis shoes on these days.

    Also, as to our food allergies at lunch. The student with the food allergy will pick up a sign to place where he/she is sitting. The other students will just move away (down a few spots) if they have peanut butter in their lunch.

    Book orders require a check made out to Scholastic or order online with the code H4FCZ (also on the back of the order form). Scholastic gives bonus money for ordering online.

    Library days are Wednesdays. Please remember to return your books on this day.

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    7:40 - 8:00 Lunch count, Morning Message, Target the Question
    8:30 - 9:30 Lang. Arts/Social Studies
    9:30 - 9:50 Spelling - Words Their Way
    9:50 - 10:00 Group Restroom Break
    10:00 - 11:00 Guided Reading/Literacy Workstations
    11:05 - 12:05 lunch/recess
    12:05 - 12:50 Science
    12:50 - 1:40 Specials - Music, Art, PE
    1:40 - 2:40 Math
    2:45 - 2:50 Dismiss

    • Topic 3

      Weekly Homework

      Spelling Sort- Please read the information sent home about Words Their Way Spelling. It is also linked below. There is an activity listed M-Th for your child to work with the words at home. The activities do not need to be returned. We will also be working with the words in class. The goal for spelling is that children will see the patterns in words and from one word be able to spell many. It is application, not memorization. The Spelling Test will be on Friday.

      Reading Log-Children should read nightly for at least 15 minutes. Record one book read on the Reading Log. Please keep it in on the left side of the green folder so that I can check it daily. The students will write down the days they need to record reading. This week it is M-Th. 1st graders need to be read to and read with before they can read independently. Beginning readers need to point to the words when they read. Encourage your child to retell the story to check for comprehension.

      Sight Words Book - We will begin our sight word homework this week. A suggested schedule for homework might be:
      Monday - cut, make and read book
      Tuesday - cut apart sight words, read words - save in a baggie to add each week's words to the set in order to quiz your child over group of words
      Wednesday - Fill in the Blank
      Thursday - Word Search
      **** You only need to return the word search and fill in the blank; please keep the book and words at home to go back and reread

    • Topic 4

      Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies

      First round of DRA testing is beginning. Reading groups have begun. Any book sent home in a gallon baggie should be read by your child to you and can be counted in the 15 minutes of reading per night. Please leave the book in your child's green folder as we use them daily.

      Focus: Martin Luther King, Jr.

      Ending punctuation -period, exclamation point, question mark - while writing or reading with your child, please point these punctuation symbols out or help them use them properly.