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  • General

    Lynn Luck


    K-5 Art Teacher


  • Topic 1

    Art Schedule

    5th grade 7:55-8:40

    3rd grade 8:45-9:30

    4th grade 9:35-10:20

    Conference/Lunch 10:25-11:40

    Kindergarten 11:45-12:30

    1st grade 12:35-1:20

    2nd grade 1:25-2:10

    TEAM time  2:15-2:45


    • Topic 2

      • Grading Policy

        Skills and Concepts

        E Extends and Applies Standard

        • Went above and beyond criteria
        • Showed great effort and original ideas
        • Used excellent craftsmanship

        M Meets Standard

        • Met all the requirements
        • Showed good effort
        • Used good craftsmanship

        S Still Practicing Standard

        • Attempted to meet requirements
        • Showed some effort
        • Used adequate craftsmanship

        N Not Demonstrating Standard

        • Did not follow directions
        • Showed minimal effort
        • Used poor craftsmanship


        Behavior and Participation

        E Extends and Applies Standard

        • Participated fully in class
        • Used time wisely
        • Needed few reminders about artroom expectations

        M Meets Standard

        • Participated in class
        • Used time well
        • Needed some reminders about artroom expectations

        S Still Practicing Standard

        • Participated in class
        • Usually used time well
        • Needed several reminders about artroom expectations

        N Not Demonstrating Standard

        • Did not always participate
        • Did not use time wisely
        • Needed many reminders about artroom expectations

      • Topic 3

        Works in Progress

        Kindergarten --

        Tempera paintings of robots created by combining simple shapes 

        First Grade -- 

        Multi-media collages of snowmen (or women, or cats, or ninjas, etc.)

        Second Grade --

        Ceramic coil pots that retain the coil structure as part of their design

        Third Grade --

        Large block letters filled with designs inspired by 70's graphics (all together, these will spell out the song titles for the upcoming music program)

        Fourth Grade --

        Papier-mache masks built over various recycled forms

        Fifth Grade --

        Self-portraits with hats that symbolize a career or hobby each student might want to have as an adult


        • Topic 4

          Works on Display

          Walk the halls of Valley Ridge to see the beautiful art our Jaguars have created:

          In the Display Case --

          Fourth-grade Ceramic Bells with modeled animal handles   

          In the Cafeteria --

          Third-grade Radial Weavings with added stitchery patterns

          In the Front Hallway --

          Fourth-grade oil pastel paper-batik Birds inspired by John James Audubon 

          Behind the Library --

          Kindergarten paper Collages using free-form shapes inspired by Henri Matisse

          In the Library Windows --

          Fourth-grade Foil Sculptures that depict implied movement

          Fifth-grade etched and embossed Mexican Tinware

          Near the Third-grade Wing --

          Second-grade chalk pastel compositions of Dancing Animals

          Near the First-grade Wing --

          First-grade Warm/Cool Weavings woven from two papers designed in those two color schemes

          Near the Kindergarten Wing --

          Fifth-grade Tempera Paintings inspired by the book Tar Beach, written and illustrated by the American artist Faith Ringgold 

          All work will be sent home after it comes down from display and artwork has been chosen for the shows that will be held in the Spring.

          • Topic 5

            Art Room Wish List

            Recycled Items

            • Plastic film-roll canisters or pill bottles
            • 1/2 gallon plastic containers with lids (i.e. ice cream tubs)
            • Small round lids from plastic milk cartons, soda bottles, etc.
            • Natural stones with holes in them (i.e. from old necklaces)
            • Styrofoam egg cartons

            Items to Buy

            • Paper towels
            • Aluminum foil (not heavy-duty)
            • Q-tips
            • Round, colored toothpicks
            • Paper plates (not extra-strength)
            • Baby wipes
            • Kleenex
            • Topic 6

              To think about...

              "The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away."

                                                           Pablo Picasso


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