Topic outline

  • General

    The topics below provide teachers and administrators with options on how to introduce Digital Citizenship to their students.
  • Topic 1

    Digital Etiquette---Focus:  Treating others with respect when on the internet.

    Watch BrainPop (Grades 4-5) free video “Digital Etiquette”

    Digital Rights and Responsibilities---Focus: Staying safe on the internet.

    OR BrainPop, Jr. (Grades K-3) free video “ Internet Safety”

    • Topic 2

      Digital Etiquette---Focus:  What is "cyberbullying" and what to do if you are a victim of "cyberbullying".

      Watch BrainPop (Grades 4-5) free video “Cyberbullying”

      Digital Etiquette---Focus:  What is a bully.  (Cyberbullying is mentioned but no the main focus of the video.  Teachers will need to be prepared to help their students make the connection between bullying and cyberbullying.)

      OR BrainPop, Jr.(Grades K-3) free video “Bullying”

      • Topic 3

        Digital Rights and Responsibilities---Focus:  Make a list of ways to stay safe online.

        Go to:
        to fill in and print out poster from Moby about ways to be safe online.

        • Topic 4

          Digital Etiquette--Focus: Bullying (Teacher will need to help students make a connection between a bully and a cyberbully.)

          Grades K-3- Print and complete the Activity:

          Digital Etiquette--Focus: Proper etiquette when on the Internet (There are 2 quiz options; either option is fine. The quiz can be a springboard for a class discussion)

          Grades 4-5- Take the "Review Quiz" on "Digital Etiquette" at BrainPop:

          • Topic 5

            Digital Literacy--Focus: Learning different things people do on the web.

            • Use the Netsmartz activity, What 2 Do on the Web? , to introduce the variety of ways students may use the internet.
            • Have students complete the Kidspiration Activity about "What 2 Do on the Web" either independently or as a class on the SMARTboard. First Save the Kidspiration Activity, then open it from your computer. Teachers, you may wish to save the Activity to the Shared drive for your students to access it easily if you plan to have them complete the assignment independently.
            • Topic 6

              Digital Security--Focus:  Keep your identifying information private.

              Watch NetSmartz video, Be Safer Online, and discuss the three rules. (On the site, scroll to right and find the video, "Be Safer Online" and click it to play.)


              • Topic 7

                Provide opportunity for students to play Net Smartz games such as: 

              • UYN:The Internet Safety Game
              • Router's Bone Toss
              • Maze Game
              • Where's Clicky?
              • Clicky's Coloring Book
              • Net Smartz Coloring Book